Carolyn Scarbro

As a military brat I feel very lucky to have gotten to live the military life. I got to live all over the world from Travis AFB to Incirlik, Turkey. The majority of people I’ve met are still my friends now and we have a connection I’ve never seen in civilian raised children, we are with each other from elementary school through our children’s triumphs.

My best friend Nikki and I have made it over twenty eight years now. We have been left with an easy ability to make friends and adapt. Our best times were at Incirlik where her and I got to ride from Canada to Turkey together and two days after arriving finding one of my friends from Travis had passed away. She made me see life would go on and helped me through every second of it until this day. From there we experienced puberty and everything after. Really I’m grateful the military brat life made her and I and the rest of us the great people we are.

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