Barbara Montes

To be honest, being an Air Force brat was a lonely, confusing existence for me. My father was gone for long stretches of time and when he was home I felt like there was a stranger in our house. This was during the late 1950’s through about 1972, we didn’t have easy ways of staying in touch, so it was harder as a child to maintain that connection. Plus, we moved every 3 or 4 years and it felt like we never were “home,” always living out of boxes, always the “new kid” in school. I’ve never really known how to respond when someone asks me “where are you from? I’m from nowhere and everywhere. An answer only another “brat” understands.

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  1. Boots Boots
    terri mertz says:

    I ditto those feelings Barbara. My dad was never around, and even when he was around, he wasn’t really around (except when he beat me). I still have a scar from when he hit me with the buckle on his Army belt.

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