The purpose of this website is to create both a gathering place and a sense of community among a group of people for which that’s rare. A place where all generations of military brats and 3rd culture kids can connect, re-connect and share their personal stories concerning their individual experiences and struggles growing up in this unique and challenging subculture. We hope the community will share their deep, honest, and introspective narratives related to how being raised in this environment affected them on a personal and emotional level, both positively and negatively, throughout their young lives and into adulthood.

The website is part of a wider project in which our goal is to share the community’s stories with a wider audience, both through the site itself and by interviewing some of the authors in an upcoming feature-length documentary film currently in pre-production, produced and directed by fellow military brat Louis Bartrand. The film will be an extensive, nuanced portrait of this modern nomadic lifestyle, featuring in-depth, on-camera interviews with particular authors and their family members exploring their personal stories and experiences.

Please consider sharing your story by clicking the button below. By participating, you can help gain greater understanding of your own unique life and experiences, provide a communal sense of belonging to others like you who have never quite reconciled their unusual and complicated unbringing, and help educate others who might be oblivious to the experiences of being raised in these unconventional but remarkable circumstances.